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  • Edible oil refinery

    Edible oil refinery

    Metal Titanium Powder, storage & molding possible in the air, is used as raw material for titanium alloy, powder injection molding, powder metallurgy.

  • Edible oil filter

    Edible oil filter

    Titanium Coating Technology is possible with the help of MTIG's titanium powder which can be sprayed & molded in the air, coating the target surface.

  • Oil refinery

    Oil refinery

    Titanium Anodizing Process done by MTIG increases the thickness on the metal suface, eventually enhancing resistance to corrosion and extending lifespan.

  • Refinery device

    Refinery device

    Powder Metallurgy Titanium is similar to MTIG's titanium powder in that it can be used as raw material for titanium alloy and powder injection molding.

  • Cooking appliance

    Cooking appliance

    Titanium Raw Material of MTIG allows only the minimum loss of raw material with fairly low cost while causing no harm to human body at all.

  • Frying oil refinery

    Frying oil refinery

    MIM Titanium Parts, otherwise known as Powder Injection Molding, save you cost while resulting in large quantity of small-to-moderate size metal component

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