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Frying Oil Refinery

Frying Oil Refinery

One-touch cleaning! Edible Oil Filter Noble Clean Q

Characteristics of the product

How to use
  • 1. How to filter
  • - Install the hose to the main body
  • - Place a steel net on an oil container and put a filter on it.
  • - Place a press plate on the filter.
  • - Place a filter plate on the press plate.
  • - Put oil in a filter oil tank.
  • - Direct the hose toward the frying device and turn on filter switch.
       Implement filtering three times or more a day
       Filter oil at a frying temperature.
  • - Oil is filtered in 2 to 3 minutes.
       Do not leave oil in the discharge hose.
       Eliminate the filter and clean the oil container.
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