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WooshinNTI is an environmentally friendly company that values the nature and the environment.

May 2004 Established Wooshin NTI
Dec. 2004 Released WSR200 and WSR600
May 2005 Acquired Q mark (KEMTI)
Aug. 2005 Designated as National Electric Procurement Item
Nov. 2005 Acquired SO14001 and developed Properties Restoration Device (applied for a patent)
Dec. 2005 Registered an affiliated research center (KOITA)
Feb. 2006 Designated as Parts Specialist (Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Apr. 2006 Selected as Technology Innovation Business (SMBA)
May 2006 Registered Technology Venture Business and selected as National Strategy Business (SMBA)
Jun. 2007 Selected as Well-being Friendly Business (MOCIE)
Sept. 2007 Circulating Edible Oil Refinery (Patent)
Oct. 2007 Certified MAIN-BIZ (SMBA)
Nov. 2007 Edible Oil Oxidation Controller (Patent), MAIN-BIZ (SMBA)
Feb. 2008 Acquired ISO 9001
May 2008 Received Gold Award in Korea International Womens Invention Exposition, Ultrasonic Waves Frying System (Patent application)
Jun. 2008 Received Excellent Female Inventor Award (KIPO)
Aug. 2008 Succeeded in technology innovation (SMBA)
Nov. 2008 Succeeded in technology innovation (SMBA), selected as a leading blue ocean developer (SMBA) & established agreement on joint research with KIST
Feb. 2009 Selected as SMB Exporter (SMBA) and acquired SMBA Overseas Standard Certification
Apr. 2009 Received Golden Award in International Invention Exposition in Geneva, Switzerland and Special Award in Taiwan
May 2009 Received Golden Award in Seoul International Womens Invention Exposition and from International Invention Association


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